Tips to Help You Tame and Eliminate Stress

Stress is so widespread, most people have started to believe that it’s something they just have to put up with. But you don’t have to live with stress. There are techniques that can help you control and get rid of the stress in your life.


Stress can impact your brain. It impacts the way that you think because it causes your brain’s cortex to slow its ability to reason when you’re under stress. This is why people who experience stress can often make choices that aren’t in their best interest.


 Practising reflection, meditation and spirituality calms the brain’s reaction to stress – which in turn calms the body’s reaction to stress. You’ll gain a healthy way to cope with and get rid of anxiety.


During exercises, what you’ll learn to do is to be fully present in your life. You’ll learn how to be aware of what’s around you, of how you feel, and of the thoughts that are going through your mind. Having a journal at hand or a recorder to speak out and write down these feelings is another way of being focused on how you feel.


These exercises can focus on a portion of each – such as thoughts and feelings – or they can separate them out so that you are only focusing on one at a time. You might simply direct your attention to how you’re feeling in the moment.


Or you might instead pay attention to the sounds of the birds you hear or to the movement of the wind in the trees. The idea is that you’ll be paying attention to what’s going on where you are right now rather than focusing your attention on whatever it is that caused you to experience stress. This isn’t about ignoring life and the situations around you but rather calming yourself down so you can go back to them with an open mind and ready to face them.

To deal with stress, something else like reflecting, focusing and meditating does help you let go of the need to judge whatever it is that’s going on. You won’t get on the hamster wheel of running the heavy situation over and over again in your mind.

It’s so that you don’t carry the negative emotions stress can bring with you into the present moment. It also prevents you from continually thinking about the stress.


You can learn to let go and to simply be, to accept what your present moment in time is offering and work with that, rather than fighting against the circumstances you tackle the situation head on.


So much stress enters our lives because of past issues. We worry about the past, but we do the same about the future. We spend hours, days, months and even years fretting and stressing over things that haven’t happened, may never happen or different kinds of ‘maybes and eventualities’ instead of giving ourselves the freedom to live and try. Pick something specific to focus on and allow it to give you clarity about what really matters for you in life. What is important to you and, then use that to fuel and drive you.


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