Relationship and Work-Life Balance Expert, Bestselling Author & Inspirational Speaker

How to successfully balance being a loving wife, entrepreneur, and mother.

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Discover Dr Norva’s Coaching Training and Membership Programmes.

With the right attitude, the right tools and the right guidance anything and everything is possible.

Do you sometimes feel alone, misunderstood and stuck?
Something is wrong but you don’t know what it is?
Struggling to get the balance right in your various roles, whatever they may include - lover, mother, wife, boss, leader…?
Juggling relationships, business, and social life, and feeling unable to give every area the attention it needs to thrive?

Meet Dr Norva Abiona

My name is Dr Norva Semoy Abiona, and I’m a coach, inspirational speaker, and relationship change expert who’s passionate about helping women just like you live happy, successful and fulfilled lives.

Work With Dr Norva

When you work with me, my main focus is on helping you choose the path that is the most appropriate for you to get started, be it The Warrior Queen for work-life balance, The Wise Wife community to help you take your marriage to the next level of love and joy or My Choice Marriage, which supports women who suspect or know that you are experiencing domestic abuse.

norva abiona warrior queen

Warrior Queen

Increase your confidence and self-awareness and see amazing results in each and every one of your relationships.

norva abiona wise wife

Wise Wife

Advance your marriage with the support of a community, proven tools and inspiration for deeper love and satisfaction.

norva abiona my choice marriage

My Choice Marriage

Time to go: Get the support and guidance you need on how you can quickly and safely leave an abusive relationship.


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