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Important Note: Be assured that ALL of my Client Testimonials are genuine. However, in the interest of my client’s rights to privacy and due to the nature of some of the work I do in number of my clients do not wish to disclose their personal details. Hence, in those cases my clients and I agree on a name (fictitious or with a slight change to it) that we both know and they are comfortable with.


Lawrence Idem




Sonya Frair


Emina Danescu


Rexford Sam

Norva Abiona Colleen Williams Testimonial

Colleen Williams

Norva Abiona Shanti Boodhun Testimonial

Shanti Boodhun


Zina Arinze

The 3 weeks course was intensive; it made me look at my life in a more transparent way. I feel accountable to Norva and others for how I manage my time-freedom and the personalise choices I make to now approach my work, business and life balance, with my busy life and family commitments. Prior to learning under Norva I was focussed on trying to manage a few of my work life priorities at the expense of precious family and myself. I did not give myself any break to visit friends or really listen to them thus denying myself the benefit of building richer relationships, which are always changing. In addition, Norva has written a book titled Time To Go and although I have already left a broken relationship but now realise it’s time to stop the excuses and begin towards my goals and businesses objectives. Since my sessions with Norva, my mind feels lighter and brighter. I have been able to evaluate, plan my priorities for my own unique work life balance that are infused with core values and dreams. I am pleased to say that I am now achieving regular and satisfying contact with my children and building a satisfying social life. I am on a great pathway thanks to the training. I completely and wholeheartedly recommend Norva’s courses and services.

Ibironke John testimonial

Ibironke John

Author, Coach and Entrepreneur

I contacted Norva at a time when I was at a crossroad in my love life. I was in need of counselling and guidance because I felt stuck and didn’t know what my next step in my love life should be. She truly listened to me and i felt like she was interested in helping to give me the confidence and clarity I needed to then make my own decision, not just based on my heart but also from a point of what is realistic and factual. Norva made me feel understood in every possible way, when I felt like no one could help me.

Thank you Norva, for being kind enough to fit me in so quickly and to listen to me and for your guidance on such life impacting issues.

Dr Hina Ali testimonial

Dr Hina Ali

Doctor & Entrepreneur Dhanaura, India

When Norva first suggested things I should consider doing I was not happy but reluctantly followed bits of the advice because I knew what she was saying to me was sound. Years later I can boldly say that it was some of the best advice and support I've ever gotten and it helped me make some of my best decisions. Norva’s honesty and love for others is evident in her work - she wants to see us win at the game of life in the most fulfilling way possible. I have learnt to act despite any of my fears, when I know it's the right thing to do. I am so much happier today. 

Dena Fredrick testimonials

Dena Fredrick

Small Business Owner Trinidad

Norva, thanks for all of your coaching, counselling and advice. The position I found myself in was stressful, dangerous and made me question why I was putting up with all of that. I appreciate that you allowed me to share without judging me or making me feel that as a man I should not be going through that situation. I just felt like I mattered. The more I spoke to you the more clarity I got. I know I’m more knowledgeable and can withstand situations when they come up. I’m not going to put myself in that kind of environment again. You don’t know what you have done for me, seriously you played a big part in my happiness right now thanks.

Rory R Guangdong testimonial

Rory R Guangdong

Entertainer China

I was at a stage in my life when I really needed practical guidance on how to create and maintain a work-life balance. I wanted to know how to start my own business while still working and running a happy household. I was full of questions, always apprehensive about the future I wanted to create and facing up to issues I had always avoided but needed to address. It was very important to me that I didn't just get ready-made, textbook answers, a one-size-fits-all spiel. That is why I find Norva's training, advice and support very valuable and productive. It remains personal, even if she is addressing a number of us at the same time, everyone gets their own 'Norva-time'. I have more clarity on the things I should not be doing and insight into areas that are important for my development. Most of all, I am a happier wife with a better outlook socially and personally. I will definitely recommend and have recommended Norva's training to anyone who wants the best out of life.

Tunbosun Adigun testimonial

Tunbosun Adigun

Correspondence Officer & Youth Counsellor UK

Norva as a trainer is highly reliable in terms of delivery and I would definitely recommend her work-life balance course to others in need of direction on how to apply balance to their life. Before doing the course, I didn’t think too much about applying it to my life, all I know was that I was tired and stressed by my hours of work and the time I spend with my family. The easy system Norva thought us made it able for me to be more mindful as I do things and especially saying yes to things when I know I’m already stretched, as it will affect my family in a negative way. I have a clearer outlook on how I can make more money as well

Meron Watkis testimonials

Meron Watkis

Store Manager UK

The different sessions covered what I needed to get me to think about how I use work-life balance in my life. I want to be a successful businesswoman but not at the expense of my family. The price of this training was more than worth it. I feel positive about who I am as I wear my various hats as a woman. I know now I am worth much more in my career and feel better about asking for my preferred fees. Yep, overall I am now more equip today than I have ever been to create the life I want for my family and me.

Lanre Harrison testimonial

Lanre Harrison

Project Consultant

Sometimes we enter into things prematurely, I got married because I was pregnant; not really understanding the importance of foundation in a marriage. I have been married 13 years.  The first few years had lots of challenges, I wanted a better life but did not know where to begin. By the time I had my second child I realise that I needed to ask for help but didn't know how to go about it. I started simple conversations with her about my problems. That has led to me hiring Norva as my personal coach, then getting mentorship from her. She has also been very good at signposting me in the right direction when it is not her speciality. Norva has been both a great listener and someone who offers practical steps and advise to get me thinking about what I can do to go in the direction that is best for me and the people I love the most. I’ve learnt the importance of first improving me as an individual in order to improve my marriage.

I am now more focused, holding down a great job, growing in my spiritual life, making time for myself; separate to family time. I am an all-round much happier person with creating coping skills. I even now feel confident enough to offer advice and signposting to others.  Thank you Norva for the wealth of knowledge. And being a great example of a Wise Wife.

Delicia R testimonial

Delicia R

Accountant Trinidad

@TheWiseWife, thank u Soooo much Norva for sharing with me advice that has encouraged me about the need to choose ME over people who don't love me regardless of how much I may feel for them. I needed to hear that from someone and I am glad that I landed on your page and u were just in time to offer your advice #thank u, thank you

Gloria Kipsiro testimonials

Gloria Kipsiro

Mumpreneur Uganda

When I first approached Norva for guidance my life, health, career and marriage were all in a bad place. I started to complain to her about my life and marriage, especially what others were doing wrong. She listened to all I had to say and then she started to ask questions, gave me advice and directed me to powerful life changing materials. Both Norva’s own content and those she pointed me to from other sources have been a tremendous help to me. Over the years of learning and implementing I’ve learnt the importance of improving me as an individual in order to improve my circumstances. I am now more focused, open to personal growth and have moved away from blame. I’m creating my destiny. Bottomline is Norva is the real deal!

A F Sydney testimonial

A F Sydney

Certified Accounting Technician, Trinidad

The content and knowledge I got from Norva has been very helpful. I really like that she works with married women who are in business because some of the things we have to balance is different to others who do not have to joggle family and business. Norva understands as she is in the same situation. My business was already becoming more and more successful but I was taught other things that I can use to improve my personal life and business even more. I would recommend that wives in business should seek out Norva and get the support you need. She is genuine, smart and shares what she knows without reservation

Emina Danescu testimonials

Emina Danescu

Emina's Botanical Boutique, London

I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from my sessions with Dr Norva. Each session has challenged me both as an entrepreneur and individual to aim high, think creatively and persevere as Dr Norva made it clear to me that entrepreneurship requires daily effort and consistency. I left every single session with new knowledge, even in areas I that I thought I knew everything about!

At first I was quite hesitant and unsure about my business which was reflected in my low goals and expectations. However, during my first few sessions, Dr Norva worked with me to redefine myself as an entrepreneur and set attainable higher goals to work towards. She also worked with me to identify any challenges or fears I had, along with solutions which has allowed me to move forward with confidence opposed to fear.

Sessions with Dr Norva has helped guide me through the process of creating a brand as this seemed overwhelming at first but her guidance and well paced approach made a typically stressful and difficult process easier and accessible. I have also learnt fundamental concepts such as creating my ideal client profile and the ‘Face of my Brand’ which has helped my focus when developing ideas for my brand.

These sessions have also enabled me to create and think strategically which are both key components of an entrepreneurial mindset. At first, I doubted my creative potential however, Dr Norva has really helped me to nurture this. She has also helped to encourage and inspire me by pointing me towards entrepreneurs like myself for motivation and giving me the task of creating my very own vision board.

Therefore, I highly recommend Dr Norva to anyone starting a business or who currently has a business as she is an excellent coach and mentor with great knowledge and insight!

prosperia avatar

Prosperia D

Student and Entrepreneur, Kent, UK

Before I spoke to Dr Norva I had a lot of ideas but non seem to be clear in my head. People were always telling me about how talented I was but it was just lip service because they were not patronising me. I felt like the more I worked on providing great products the more down I would feel because I was not getting the sales. I knew Dr Norva when we were growing up and when I heard about the work she was doing and reached out I felt she would be able to help me. The things she shared and her clear path that was explained to me made me begin to believe in myself again. I took a lot of notes and although I still haven’t used them all yet, I will. I am now pacing myself more and getting the help I need so I don’t overwhelm myself. I will say that speaking with Dr Norva was the push I needed to take the right steps. If you feel stress about what is happening in your life or business I will encourage you to call her. She is worth reaching out to. I was nervous when we had to speak again and I didn't do all I said but she was open to hearing me and helping me to try again and get things done. I am more motivated to do things now. I can't thank her enough  

Ameena Plenty

Ameena Plenty

Entrepreneur, Trinidad

I know that for me personally, recognizing my own need for help was one of the hardest things I've ever ever had to do. However, with that said, after reading Dr Norva's book and getting connected with her, it was also one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I am now working on me. The journey is in flux; the future is unwritten but the Author knows the end of my story. To know that I am being proactive and doing my part now, and asking God to move on my behalf is so much better than being passive and hiding my head in the sand. Reading Dr Norva's book is honestly one of the best things I've ever done and speaking at length with her is even better! Dr Norva has so much wisdom to share and she has opened my eyes to so much in my life that was desperately needing attention and was literally being ignored by me. Thank you, Dr Norva Semoy Abiona!!! 💞💞💞

Sonya E Frair testimonials

Sonya E Frair

Entrepreneur Michigan, USA

July 2016 was my 9th year anniversary and it was the first time I had contact with Norva. I was at a friend's place and I burst into tears because I was so upset with my husband at the time, I had bottled up so much. I couldn't really share anything with the friend. She asked if I minded her calling a lady who was an expert in these things, so she called Norva who asked if my husband was hitting me and I said “No”, Just the way he speaks to me. Norva then made an appointment with me.

On the day of the appointment I had a pen and paper to take notes. During the session with Norva she highlighted I needed to improve myself; Personal Development was what she recommended and for my marriage she suggested a few resources.

I realised my husband wasn't the problem I had self-esteem issues. I read all books recommended and spent time loving myself. Gradually I started to see changes and stopped seeing only his faults when I understood his love language. I still have the notes and refer to them when necessary. My marriage and home is a lot happier and I am so happy I had the opportunity to chat with Norva.

Joy E testimonial

Joy E

London UK

As a wife and mother I've put into place the guidelines Norva told me to use and within a matter of a few weeks my client base increased and I was earning money, for the first time in my business. She gave me the confidence to go out and sell my products and services. Although she too is a wife and mum with young children, she manages week after week to speak with me one to one, at a time that suited both our schedules.  She has been very patient with me, and worked with my personal challenges and helped me to overcome them. I now have a successful coaching business, after wanting to have one for several years. I look forward to working with her into the future and would encourage anyone who needs motivation and knowledge of relationship or setting up a business to speak with Norva

Paulette Kumar testimonial

Paulette Kumar

Coach & Cosultant Birmingham UK

The Work-Life Balance course by Norva was excellent; the content, worksheets and learning environment created was as much enjoyable as it was eye opening. The delivery was done without over complicating the subject. I absolutely enjoyed this training and it has caused me to think different as an individual. I think about the impact my decision will have on my loved ones, I have a social life now and I understand how to contribute more joy to my life and household. I absolutely recommend this course to others. 

Maureen Morgan testimonial

Maureen Morgan

Entrepreneur & Poet UK

I have attended several training courses over the year but I really needed to learn about work-life balance. The learning materials were all simple and very easy to understand. I feel inspired and filled with valuable new tools and techniques that I can implement into my daily activities. I have been using it in my life and feel excited about what I can achieve with my family on board. I value all my different relationships even more and know how to enjoy each without feeling guilty. My husband can see the changes as well and loves it. I absolutely recommend this course to others needing to apply work-life balance to their life. 

Dennisha Abiona testimonial

Dennisha Abiona

Entrepreneur UK

I enjoyed the entire course – Norva was able to keep me engaged, which couldn’t have been easy because my mind is always thinking about other things, and I know we are all different people on the training. I am more confident, forward thinking and involve my family in decisions, because I now know how to do it better. I’m so glad all my questions got answered so I finished feeling I have all I need to be good at putting what I learnt into practice and I have. I encourage you to take the course you won’t regret it. 

Caroline Akerejola testimonial

Caroline Akerejola

Health Worker UK

If you haven't encountered Norva Semoy Abiona, then you're missing something positive for your life.

If you can't get to meet her in person by attending one of her seminars/workshops or booking coaching sessions, then sign up for one of her webinars or online courses on enhancing your marriage, dealing with domestic abuse or realising your full potential as a wife and mumpreneur.

Norva, thanks for your positive impact on my life, including my recent Amazon bestseller status. You're astounding.🙏

Rexford Sam

Rexford Sam

Social Media Strategist & Mindset Expert UK

I worked with Norva privately over time, to improve my business. The results have been really impactful on different aspects of my family life. Two of the many ways in which Norva has helped me be more excited about being in charge of my income, productivity and personal life are as follows. Firstly, I learnt how to confidently increase my pricing on more than one occasion to where it’s now double what I originally charged. Secondly, to know my skills deficits and wisely decide whether I should get training to improve it or hire someone to take on that task.  For example I decided it was worth my while to become more comfortable using technology, especially Social Media for my business. on the other hand, I chose to hire someone to do my admin. I now feel more excited about my business as I do what I love and get paid, what I consider a fair amount for it. I now set aside a lot more time for my personal life.

Shanti Boodhun testimonial

Shanti Boodhun

Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist and Entrepreneur Essex UK

I have attended Norva’s seminar for women entrepreneurs who are wives and mothers and I’ve worked with her privately, in a one to one capacity. I knew a lot about business but I still learnt so much about putting myself as a priority, the SMART way to making time for my family and how to work on my business in a way that doesn’t negatively affect my personal life.

Norva’s approach is exhilarating, transformational, life changing and phenomenal. She has a wealth of knowledge and she generously helps and supports both her audience and clients. Her presentations are always content rich. If you are ready to grow and achieve work-life balance as a woman entrepreneur or wifepreneur and you want to work with someone who is authentic and genuine, you need to sign up with Norva today. Her mission is really all about you achieving your goals and your life dreams. I must say since working with Norva my business focus is in the right direction and my results continue to grow from strength to strength. I’m even extra grateful to now have collaborated with Norva and call her a friend.

Zina Arinze testimonials

Zina Arinze

Divorce Coach, Radio Presenter & Best selling Author London UK

Thanks Norva for such an inspiring and empowering session yesterday. My mind has been stretched. I am able to pursue my passions for spreading the message about Jesus with greater confidence and determination. I am now offering my products and services with confidence and ease. Before I was keeping in the shadows, hoping others will discover my work. Now I am more equipped and ready to meet people and share with them because I know it is something they can benefit from. While doing all of this my children know they are still one of my top priorities. I can’t thank you enough.  Bless you

Nat Roberts testimonials

Nat Roberts

Kent, UK

Thank you for being the reason I smile. Thank you for being you! I’m not sure you know how much you inspire me and others. Thank you for brightening my world. Thank you for being an important part of my story. I can't stop saying thank you, this is more than simply good manners, it is from my spirit. The way you have touched my life reminds me that kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. My grandmother use to say, “In this world there is always, always, always something to be thankful for.” When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed, thanks again. 

My story is this, my stepfather took me out of school to take care of my young siblings when I was 12 years old. My mother 😭😭😭  had no say👊🏻because she use to work to support him. After my primary education he made me stay at home but allowed my young siblings to continue with their studies. 💔 😢 💙

Just to be clear and honest, I have never married before but I have seen my stepfather beat my mother in front of me 😭😭😭😭. I wish she had your book before. My mother is a strong woman, that I know for sure. Sadly, she stayed in  an abusive marriage for many many years, and is still in that marriage. To cut the story short, I grew up praying for God to help me to go abroad and help my mother, God answered my prayers. I took over  paying for my siblings school fees, for their degree and masters. Five years ago when my little sister was  graduating my stepfather again beat my mother. I was so sad when I heard the news. After that I stopped speaking to him, that was till I found, through your book, the courage to think and do things differently. 

God has been good to me because after all I have been through I was able to go back to school and finish my High school exams.  

Today I feel like I know one thing that when I fall on my back I will look up and I can get up.  Your book 📖, “Time To Go” really helps people know that there is a time to get up and go or now in my case get up and forgive. 

Again God is good, because the doors are now open for me to reconcile with him and we are now working towards healing. God's love and having a better understanding brings people together 

Thanks, thanks again and be blessed

linet french lady

Linet Kerobu

Paris, France

Dr. Norva has been my relationship coach for many years.  When I first approached her specifically for relationship advice, I was exiting a relationship that began to be verbally abusive.  Knowing she had successfully left a bad relationship and married a beautiful person; her opinion was most valuable to me. Since then I have consulted Norva on numerous occasions and each time her support and advice have been sound and very helpful.

My former relationship that regrettably did not end in marriage, after more than 5 years of dating 3 of which we were friends was one of the main topics that came up when we conversed.  

She would guide me through any question or indecisiveness I had. She would constantly advice to cut loose if we not going in the direction of marriage. I would think how can I cut loose of my best friend. Well, not making a clear cut earlier resulted in both parties possibly blocking each from pursuing other relationships for 3 years. My friend is married today. We no longer communicate but when asked why had you insisted, we remain friends when now we are not. The response was I had hope that things would change and we would marry. 

In hindsight it was important to though it would not have been easy to move on as advised.

One thing I value more than any advice I have gotten is Norva ' s ability to analyze a relationship. She is able to place herself in both male and female situations and talk truth. This has helped me to be a more objective person in my own relationships and in there as well.

She is able to listen, guide but most importantly chide. I will always covet her council.

E Francis testimonial

E Francis

Lecturer New York, USA

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