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Have It All

The Warrior Queen

"Become truly successful, have an amazing marriage, great family & social life while making time for yourself, all done within a short space of time"

Norva Abiona Work with Norva Warrior Queen

For the loving wife and mother who is ambitious - you are eager to succeed in all areas of your life. However, at present you feel like you have so much responsibilities but not enough time to do it all. This has lead you to being stressed and frustrated, you do not have enough time for family and yourself.  Your love life is suffering and you do not have any down time to enjoy on your own or have a social life.  Well, I am here to tell you that you can HAVE IT ALL; a happy home and family life with more love and understanding from your spouse and children. You can achieve your business or career goals and time for yourself.

Through all the Warrior Queen approaches you can become a more confident and empowered individual, be healthier and spiritually grounded all while being your authentic self who is valued and appreciated by your loved ones. My training is the quickest way to begin experiencing the inner change and the results you desire in your career, starting in the comfort of your home.

Enrich Your Relationship

The Wise Wife Community

"Create the marriage of your dream so you can live a life of intimacy, pleasure and love as your authentic self while being supported in an empowered and exclusive community"

Wise Wife Work with Norva Norva Abiona

Being in a happy and fulfilling relationship is usually the desire of every individual as they say their marriage vows. However, after that day if you find yourself feeling like things are not as happy as you expect it to be, something is wrong but you do not know what the problem is or you feel trapped and alone. Things do not have to remain that way.

If you desire having a great marriage and even though you are willing to do what it takes you don’t know how to go about it, then the Wise Wife community is for you. In this sisterhood you will know you are not alone, you will embrace the power of your feminine with likeminded women and this will make you more inclined to take action, because of the support you receive on the journey.

Learn exactly how to lovingly and powerfully enhance your marriage so you take it to greater levels of joy, bliss and excitement, way beyond anything you can imagine.

Deal With Relationship Abuse

My Choice Marriage

"It is your time to confidently take positive steps in your life and feel  empowered, safe and respected. Rest assured that you will know that you are loved and supported on this new life journey"

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Whether you are knowingly trapped financially, emotionally or mentally and feel dependent on a spouse who is treating you like a second class citizen, or you are not quite sure, this path and the support offered is for you. If you are experiencing low self esteem, low energy, you are in a dramatic and unpredictable relationship where you feel disrespected, devalued but you feel like you can’t move forward because you don’t know what to do, it is time to reach out for help. I’ve been there too.

In My Choice Marriage programme you will learn the formula to freedom and being safe once again. You will have guidance that leads you to a life that is empowered, respected and where you know you are valuable and appreciated. You will regain the confidence you need to make decisions that are in your best interest. Take action now and begin your journey to becoming confident, self-assured and live an empowered life… because you can!