Goal Setting That Lets Your Present Guide Your Future 

Goal setting is an important task if you want to create the future that you want. Being mindful in the present is what will help you steer towards the future. It’s important to look at it from this perspective if you don’t want to just be living in what you wish it could be or allowing who you used to be in your past to limit you. Your goals will be where you want to go but, will be set in reality and, not based on your perception.


When you look into this, it is important you realise our perceptions most of the time don’t tell us the truth. You might perceive that you’re a failure based on having made mistakes, but that perception is not reality.

If you didn’t make mistakes, you wouldn’t be human. It can lead you past thoughts and beliefs which can prevent you from having the future that you want.


Often, when we start thinking about the future, we label it with negative thoughts. Things like “Oh, I’d never get that job” or “I don’t have the skills to move forward” and when we do that, we limit ourselves.


It can become cause and effect. Because you think that way, you might not even try. Plus, that negative self-talk tears you down and erodes your self-esteem. Reflecting and being mindful shows you how to use the present to steer gently toward the future but does it in a way that affirms who you are and what you want.


You can focus on the present by creating goals that are beneficial to your success. This is why people use SMART and DUMB goals as they allow you to break down your goals in realistic and accurate ways so you can work on each step of the journey. These are goals that you give yourself that are within your realm of your ability to accomplish them.

For example, if your goal is to open a restaurant, you would need to know what is involved in running one. You would need to specifically know what steps you’d have to take to make it a reality.


Taking the overall picture and looking at it with a focus on the present can help you.


If something went wrong yesterday, the present moment is a brand new start. After you’ve been upset and contemplative you should look at bringing solutions for yesterday’s problems into today. You’ll be able to quiet your mind and keep on heading toward your goals.


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