Get Uncomfortable With Being… Too Comfortable

Norva’s Food For Thought…


Today’s thought is a bit of an ouch but I know it will give some of you the motivation you need.

The dreams that you’ve always wanted to chase will remain dreams when you’re dishonest with yourself and tell yourself that you know every step of the journey, you understand everything that has to be done (whether you’ve gone through it before or not) and that you don’t need to level up. You’ve got it all figured out… right?

 You have all the skills and the knowledge that you’d like to have – so why bother chasing something more?


Moving ahead in anything NEW in life requires that you be honest with yourself.

Get uncomfortable with being… too comfortable.


Examine where you are in life and what you’re striving for. Many people want to do better, they want to achieve more – but they don’t want to face what they need to do to reach a higher level of success.


There is always room for growth in every area in your life – whether that’s starting your own business, levelling up in your career, improving your relationships, working on bettering yourself – or whatever. Not only that but reach out for help and support when you aren’t sure or even flat out have no clue. 

motivation to do better

Hi I’m Dr Norva Semoy Abiona, a wife and a mother of three who, over the past 25 years, has left (and most importantly thrived) after an abusive marriage ❌ and since then went back into full-time education (to Masters level) 🎓 in my late twenties and early thirties. In Addition, I had to personally survive ovarian cancer 🎗️ and a seriously ill baby (who thank God is thriving now).

So as you can see, I totally understand the challenges, overwhelm, and struggles that come with being a family-oriented and ambitious woman even after life throws you lemons 🍋.

I work with ✨ Wivepreneurs – Wives who are entrepreneurs and may be Mothers or Executives too ✨. I help them to work on finding their unique life fusion in the 5 core areas of their life; marriage, business, parenting, personal life and social life. I have personally supported 100s of women on this same journey.

I want you and all the women who join my community to know that you can ‘Have It All’ and find your work-life balance (or business-life balance as I like to call it) that works for you and your loved ones.

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