Not All Obstacles Are Obvious, Bye Bye ‘Fear’

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Occasionally, when I feel an urge within me to move forward – to do something and make changes in my life – fear can keep me firmly stuck in my comfort zone. It’s not always that my comfort zone is a bad thing too – It’s just that I know I can do more and go further.


I’m sure for some of you… You want success.

But life seems so much easier if you avoid change rather than embrace it. It could be that you’re subconsciously resisting change because of fears that are holding you back.

 “Not All Obstacles Are Obvious”

 There are always obstacles whenever you make a forward movement. Some of the obstacles are easy to figure out. Others aren’t – because they’re not as obvious to us.


The responsibility that you have is to yourself to live the good life – one that you choose to live. You are where you are because you fought the fear, you took the steps needed to make your dreams come true and you didn’t give up even when things got hard. When I get stuck or nervous, I have to tell myself this. I have to rally around my team, friends, accountability buddies and coaches who I know will tell me the truth.


To be RIGHT where I am now; I pushed through, made things happen, made that call, tried a new experience with my family and loved ones.


Fears will rear their ugly heads from time to time. Sometimes, it will be obvious to you and other times, you’ll refuse to acknowledge that what you have labelled as a real concern is nothing more than anxiety of what may or may not happen because of your efforts.


The good news is the more we open our eyes to what holds us back, the more aware we are for future obstacles, future triggers and we’ll be able to move past it quicker each time. Like muscle memory.

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Hi I’m Dr Norva Semoy Abiona, a wife and a mother of three who, over the past 25 years, has left (and most importantly thrived) after an abusive marriage ❌ and since then went back into full-time education (to Masters level) 🎓 in my late twenties and early thirties. In Addition, I had to personally survive ovarian cancer 🎗️ and a seriously ill baby (who thank God is thriving now).

So as you can see, I totally understand the challenges, overwhelm, and struggles that come with being a family-oriented and ambitious woman even after life throws you lemons 🍋.

I work with ✨ Wivepreneurs – Wives who are entrepreneurs and may be Mothers or Executives too ✨. I help them to work on finding their unique life fusion in the 5 core areas of their life; marriage, business, parenting, personal life and social life. I have personally supported 100s of women on this same journey.

I want you and all the women who join my community to know that you can ‘Have It All’ and find your work-life balance (or business-life balance as I like to call it) that works for you and your loved ones.

Get in touch to find out more about being part of the Wivepreneurs Community!

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